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The company initially imported stringed, woodwind and brass instruments from Germany for resale in the United States. Wurlitzer enjoyed initial success, largely due to defense contracts to provide musical instruments to the U. It quickly expanded to make band organs , orchestrions , player pianos and pipe or theatre organs popular in theatres during the days of silent movies. Wurlitzer is most known for their production of entry level pianos. Over time, Wurlitzer acquired a number of other companies which made a variety of loosely related products, including kitchen appliances, carnival rides, player piano rolls and radios. Wurlitzer also operated a chain of retail stores where the company’s products were sold.

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Page updated August The majority of pianos cannot be reliably dated purely on the basis of their serial numbers, and you only have to look at the listings here for Collard or Eavestaff to understand why that is. Even if the name on your piano is a real maker, only a minority of piano makers have ever published dates of their serial numbers, and many of these are incorrect or misleading, so on this page, I have only included dates for which I have some evidence.

In many of the items in our files, the American use of the hash sign or sharp has been adopted rather than the Italian “No.

Wurlitzer Piano – CQA SERIAL#: Dating from , this 5′ baby grand with a beautiful satin walnut finish would make an outstanding addition to.

Of all the repairs and restorations we do on vintage keyboards, cleaning them is by far the most important step. As much as we prefer recapping amps to scraping mouse poo out of them, cleaning is what transforms a gross piece of junk into a beautiful, functional instrument that will neither give you a disease nor make your studio smell like a thrift store. After all, excessive hum and out-of-tune reeds might be annoying, but they never gave anyone hantavirus.

If you’re going to restore your own Wurlitzer or Rhodes, do your lungs a favor and clean it out first, no matter where it came from. Clean it. Did the guy you bought it from on Craigslist insist that he cleaned it already? He didn’t. Open it up and clean it yourself. Guess how many of those keyboards ultimately made us want to crawl inside a Hazmat suit and never come out? All of them. For your own health, you should open it up and check underneath the keys. That’s where most of the dust collects.

How to Date a Rhodes

How old is your piano? Where your piano was built? And more This application tells you the age of your piano – vertical or grand. It will also tell where and when the original factory was established.

Gerhard heintzman co. Sumner breber piano manufacturer, all of workmanship and the original manufacturers serial. Each week. In iran. Chase, and chipped keys.

He built a piano manufacturing plant in Ohio in and four years later he opened a retail shop expanding his distribution across the Unites States. Im very happy to share just do me the courtesy of being in touch and crediting my research and organizational efforts much as I have credited others in my links. Electronic soft pedal. Transition moment to B line is slightly unclear Were early Bs with April date stamps merely As that had been retrofitted with different amps Some reports suggest early Bs had same reed screw problem.

Has all the legs and is stable. This is the P. Wurlitzer pianos are one of the oldest names in the piano manufacturing industry in the United States. Serial number This information can help guide you in making important decisions. This change is kept for all later models. Reeds attached from prior models Reed screws are now below the front end of damper arms far more accessible for tuning and replacement. I understand that theres going to be a buzz on this particular model especially no matter what we do but any ideas or input on how to most tame this notorious thorn in my side would be greatly appreciatedThe cables on those old Wurlies are pretty standard appliance cables from that era.

They are or were depending on how many survive the most common of the s models. Pedal mounts not on right side but on bottom behind middle E and F for the first time a pedal design which is retained with only modest changes through. The highest is.

How to Find the Model of Your Wurlitzer Piano

Upright Piano, Circa Spinet Piano, Circa Prior to that time, the square grand piano was the preferred choice that dominated the American piano market. After the turn-of-the-century, tastes began to change and piano design began to become a bit more streamlined. Sadly, very few manufacturers ever offered Craftsman style pianos, and as a result, original specimens are exceedingly rare today.

I have a Wurlitzer Piano, Serial #, can you please tell me the age of this piano?? thank you,. (If you need any more information, please let.

Id realized there was no one page on the internet that listed every Wurlitzer Electronic Piano model its years made and its basic differentiating features. Piano Serial Numbers Location location location. I hope others find this. Find a man in my area Free to join to find a man and. Simply type in the serial number into the box below then click quotCalculatequot. It has been completely restored.

Wurlitzer Pianos

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Wurlitzer Model Console Piano This Wurlitzer 41″ console piano was Knabe was one of the first American piano makers dating back to This sturdy.

Antique piano values vary widely according to many different criteria. If you have a vintage piano you may wonder what it might be worth. An antique piano is one which is at least years old. Like antique books, antique pianos are not worth a lot of money just because they are old. In actuality these old instruments may be worth very little at all.

This is because a piano is actually a machine. Each of the parts have been submitted to wear throughout the life of the piano. This means that each of these parts may need specialized restoration to bring them back to their usefulness. That kind of work can cost the owner a lot of money.

Antique Piano Values

If you still would like for us to look it up we would ask a nominal fee to be paid through PayPal. Pianos also have other numbers printed on them such as part numbers and many other pianos do not have a serial number at all. Many pianos will have a 4, 5 or 6 digit serial number to identify the age of the piano.

I havery a wurlitzer upright piano serial number need the year it was made and value. Is my wurlitzer upright piano worth model number serial.

Piano literature Scope and Contents. Subject files [general information] Ackerman – Associate Advertising Company Aeolian Company Will E. Francis Bacon Piano Company

Wurlitzer organ restored and installed at cinema

Also, I imagine a custom case will be needed for this keyboard with it’s high profile. Any info on cases? Organ Store. The first Wurlitzer electronic piano appeared in the second half of the last century in the U. The idea came from an early invention of Benjamin Meissner.

How old is your piano? Where your piano was built? And more OPA – The first and one and only Online Piano Atlas application!

How old is my Rhodes? This is one of the more frequently asked questions of our workshop when pianos are brought in for restoration or repair. If you lift up the vinyl lid of your Rhodes you will find that there is a four digit stamp red, blue, or black depending on the year that will tell you what week of what year your Rhodes is from. Side note : there are some typos from that will read as We have seen this a small handful of times and it seems that there was a week or two in where they were accidentally stamping them as I have a Rhodes Stage piano Mark 1.

I want to date it but i am a little confused.

Wurlitzer Piano – C153QA

How Old Is Your Piano? You will need 2 things to determine the age of your piano:. The brand name of the piano.

Baldwin is about more than pianos—it’s about peerless quality and the absolute best-sounding and best-playing pianos anywhere.

Wurlitzer Pianos is one of the oldest names in the piano manufacturing industry in the United States. The quality of their pianos can be lined up with the best names in the realm of piano manufacturing and design. Wurlitzer was established in by Franz Rudolph Wurlitzer. He built a piano manufacturing plant in Ohio in , and four years later, he opened a retail shop, expanding his distribution across the Unites States. In Wurlitzer began to make pianos, and the company grew and became particularly well known for military and mechanical instruments.

In , Wurlitzer introduced the tradition-breaking spinet piano, proving that a piano only thirty-nine inches high could replace the bulky instruments traditionally produced.

The Date of your Wurlitzer Electric Piano

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Feb 18, – Wurlitzer Spinet Piano – Upright – Spinet Pianos. Wurlitzer Spinet Piano – Upright – Spinet Pianos Spinet Piano, Mountain Music, Old.

I’m looking at buying a Wurlitzer upright piano. The seller doesn’t have the serial , but thinks it was purchased by her mother in the early 80’s. I looks to be in great condition, and made of oak. It also needs tuning. Any idea what it would be worth? Thank you! Of course get a qualified piano technician to look at it for you before buying, but if it’s out of tune, plan on spending a couple hundred dollars to get it back into some kind of musical shape. A spinet is the smallest one pictured and the console is the middle size.

Hey I was wondering if u can help me.. I don’t know a lot about painos but do u know the model and the make of this paino. I’m not quite sure, but it doesn’t appear to be one of their oldest models. It doesn’t appear to be very new, either.

1937 Antique Wurlitzer Butterfly Grand Piano (Rare and Unique)

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